CrossXvest International registered at the Chamber of Commerce.

1. Adjusting CrossXvest WeightVest

The CrossXvest WeightVest is a multi-functional fitness tool suitable for him and her.
Us weight vest is adjustable around the shoulders and waist. The athlete can choose what they find most comfortable. We recommend to check the setting at every training and with a jump or short sprint to determine whether the CrossXvest comfortably.

2. Bet CrossXvest WeightVest weights

The CrossXvest WeightVest is fully adjustable from 1 kg up to 20 kg. Each weight weighs on average 1 kilogram. We recommend that athletes at the CrossXvest always right to the front and rear. This makes the CrossXvest in balance with the athlete and will be more comfortable and work more effectively. We recommend to start with 2 a 4 kilograms and this to desired intensity increase. With static exercises can be performed faster than the weight exercises with greater impact like running and explosive movements. Over time the body becomes stronger and can be gradually built up the number of pounds.

3. Indoor Training WeightVest

The CrossXvest WeightVest is perfectly suited for Indoor Training. Both as a single fitness tool as in combination with other fitness tool like a TRX, Medicine Ball, Battle Ropes etc. Mostly we see Crossfitters, Fitness, Personal Trainers train with our product, the CrossXvest WeightVest. The CrossXvest replaces expensive devices is multifunctional usable and can be used both inside and outside, it is also purchasing amount relatively low comparing with expensive devices that focused on a particular exercise or muscle group.

4. Outdoor Training

The CrossXvest WeightVest is popular with outdoorsmen. This includes walkers, runners, trail-runners, boat campers etc. It is easy to adjust and just gives you that extra push in the back. Ideal for people who want to have more variety in their workouts and routines. Coaching is heavier, more challenging and more effective. Make every Outdoor workout a challenge!

5. Measure results

The CrossXvest WeightVest can be deployed through a proprietary training program or via a trainer or specialist. It is also an option to during training or running a heart rate watch. With WeightVest to CrossXvest your heart rate will increase faster. As a result, train your more effective and you will burn more calories than without CrossXvest in the same time. Past few years, we have built up experience in here and for this you can always e-mail us to info@crossxvest.com.

6. Commitment in different sports

The CrossXvest WeightVest can be used for all kinds of sports. Be creative and explore the benefits. Our customers consist of: walkers, runners, cross-fitters, fitness enthusiasts, runners, sprinters, cyclists Union, obstacle, personal trainers, boot campers etc. At water sports activities, it is not possible to use the CrossXvest WeightVest. You will find in our terms and conditions for details.

7. Upgrade (buy) extra weights CrossXvest WeightVest

The CrossXvest WeightVest can be purchased in three different editions. This is done for the customer to offer maximum service and choice. We recommend the starting athlete a Beginner kit to buy. The gevordere athlete, athlete and/or sports entrepreneur a we recommend Advanced or Expert kit to purchase. In relationship is our Expert kit the most cheap and ” best-buy ” product.

  • Beginner 6 kg
  • Advanced 10 kg
  • Expert 20 kg

Of course it is always possible to buy additional weights in the form of ten kilos and fourteen kilograms of loose CrossXvest weights.

8. Quality CrossXvest

According to many customers and our own research, we offer the best weight vests in the world. There are also many reviews about us and we are positive in the media appeared. We travel around the world to test the products under aggravated conditions. Also, we work with national, European and world champions to ensure the best product. Within our ambassadors team, there are people who frantically training with the Weightvest and CrossXvest exceptional results have put down. The team consists of people who already have experience in the sports world remain time and hard work. From passion and love for the sport is CrossXvest.

9. Packing CrossXvest

The CrossXvest WeightVest is packed in our true-housing. The boxes we use are sturdy and can be up to 30 kilos. The CrossXvest WeightVest is wrapped up and the box is equipped with a track and trace code for PostNL. We sometimes add extra flyers at interesting actions for the customer or discount coupons.

10. CrossXvest shipments

CrossXvest works with MyParcel and PostNL. Customers buy products through our website https://www.crossxvest.com and we send the purchased products to our customers. It works quickly and effectively. Customers can track and trace code their own purchase. At the bottom is our header are the logos visible from our cooperation with MyParcel and PostNL.

11. Service CrossXvest

We always strive to provide the best service to take care of. CrossXvest is a great product for the athlete and tested by trainers and athletes. At suggestions and/or improvements you can email them to info@crossxvest.com.

12. Payments on website www.crossxvest.com

At the moment we work with Icepay and that support the following modules: Mister Cash, Ideal, PayPal, MasterCard and VISA. These payment systems offer a worldwide coverage. You can securely pay on our website. Business and filed via email info@crossxvest.com volume. If you cannot pay under this payment systems you can also us contacts via info@crossxvest.com.

13. Online Community CrossXvest

We love our CrossXvesten zealots.. Especially for this group there is a hashtag created #crossxvest. The hashtags are active on instagram and Facebook. Follow CrossXvest other enthusiasts all over the world! Let yourself be inspired and inspire. The sky is the limit!